The Config Window

Configure the file paths and settings for your chosen Persona game.

Let's get started, shall we?

Select Game

  • Select the game you'd like to mod from the menu in the top-left of the window.

Set File Paths

Aemulus needs to know a few file and folder paths in order to function.

  • Click the gear icon ⚙️ (Configure Paths and Settings) to open the Config window.

  • Depending on the game you chose, there will be anywhere from one to four text boxes in the Config window. Click the Browse button next to each of them and set the correct file or folder path for each one.

NameBrowse here...

Output Folder

Folder containing SLUS_216.21.elf

P3F ISO Path

Your P3F disc image (.iso)

P3F ELF Path

Your SLUS_216.21.elf executable file

PCSX2.exe Path


I can't find my Persona 5 USRDIR folder.
  • Launch RPCS3.

  • Right-click Persona 5 in your game list and select Open Install Folder.

Double-check every file path!

If you see the word OneDrive anywhere, you must stop what you are doing and move that file or folder to a different location (we recommend C:\Mods).

Make sure your Aemulus folder is not in a OneDrive-controlled directory either.

Additional Settings

The Notifications menu and checkboxes at the bottom of the Config window control a few additional settings.


Delete Old Versions

Allows Aemulus to automatically delete older versions of packages if a newer version with the same ID is detected in the grid.

Enable Mod Updates

Allows Aemulus to check GameBanana and GitHub for updates to your packages. Each package has its own Allow Updates toggle, but disabling this setting will disable the update function for all mods.

Update All on Refresh

Whenever Aemulus is launched or the Refresh button is clicked, Aemulus will check all packages for updates and prompt you to download and install any updates it finds.

Prompt for Extra Options When Launching (P3F)

Disable this unless you are a mod creator.

Empty SND Folder (P4G)

Allows Aemulus to empty the mods\SND folder when building. If you are using P4G Music Manager to externally manage your SND folder, leave this unchecked; otherwise, it's a good idea to enable this.

Use CPK Structure (P4G)

Forces all packages to use the new CPK folder structure instead of individual data0000X folders. This option doesn't make much of a difference as Aemulus will automatically handle this for you regardless of what you set here.

Unpack Base Files

Persona 5 Strikers has no base files to unpack.

Skip this step if you are modding P5S.

Aemulus needs to unpack some of your game's data archives into a folder named Original so that it can merge packages that edit the same archives together.

  • If you are modding Persona 4 Golden, make sure the box at the bottom matches the text language of the game you are using (not the voice language).

  • Click Unpack Base Files and wait for the process to finish.

    • This can take up to ten minutes, so don't worry if it's taking a while.

    • You only need to do this step once.

An error message appeared.

Add your Aemulus folder to your antivirus software's exclusions list and try again.

  • Click OK to close the Finished Unpacking! window, then close the Config window.

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