Download Packages

Download and install packages using the GameBanana browser.

That's enough setup for now. Let's get to the mods already!

The GameBanana browser may contain unmarked spoilers for your game.

Open GameBanana Browser

  • Select Download Packages in the top-left corner of the Aemulus window to launch the GameBanana package browser.

Browse for Packages

Now for the fun part! It's time to choose which mods you'd like to use in your game.

The toolbar at the top of the window is the key to finding the mods you want!

  • Sort the browser by Featured, Recent, or Popular mods with the dropdown menu in the top-left of the window.

  • Filter the mod type by Mods, WiPs, Sounds, Tools, and Tutorials.

    • You can apply sub-filters (Mods > UI > Font, for example) with the two dropdown menus to the right of the mod type filter.

  • Search for the mod you want with the search bar in the top-right.

    • Go back to the main list by selecting Featured, Recent, or Popular again.

  • Click the banana to go to the page for that game.

Only a few mods are loading in the browser!

Make sure you have the toolbar set to sort by Recent and not Popular.

The Download button for this mod doesn't work!

Some mods have special setup instructions and can't be directly installed through the GameBanana browser. They might not even use Aemulus at all!

To learn what you need to do, click Mod Info and then Mod Page to read the instructions and download the mod.

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