Feature Tour

A quick overview of the Aemulus window and how the program works.

First Launch

Open your AemulusPackageManager folder and launch AemulusPackageManager.exe.

Aemulus won't launch / Aemulus immediately crashes.

Add your AemulusPackageManager folder to your antivirus software's exception list and try again.

Aemulus says an update is available.

Select Yes and wait for the download to complete.

Aemulus will automatically close and restart after updating.

Feature Tour

Let's do a quick overview of everything Aemulus can do before we mess with the program window.

Grid and Packages

The big list in the Aemulus window is called the grid.

Each individual entry on the grid is a package, a collection of loose files. Aemulus needs to build a package before it can become a working mod in your game.

Aemulus is also capable of automatically updating packages from GameBanana and GitHub, if the mod creator has set it up.

When you tell Aemulus to build a mod loadout, it merges all of the packages you have enabled into one set of files and saves them to your output folder.

The game's mod loader (hostFS / Reloaded II / mod.cpk) then uses the contents of that folder to swap in modded files when you launch the game.

Games and Loadouts

Aemulus can manage multiple Persona games in the same interface.

The icon in the top left shows which game you are configuring. You can switch between these at any time.

The box to the right of the game logo shows which loadout you are configuring. You can create multiple loadouts to quickly switch between many different mod setups.

Package Priority

When multiple packages edit the same files, Aemulus tries to merge them into a single unified set.

However, there are some files that can't be merged (such as texture files). When two or more packages edit the same un-mergeable file(s), a conflict occurs.

In the event of a conflict, Aemulus will choose the file belonging to the package with the highest priority and continue building the rest of the loadout. By default, packages at the top of the grid have the highest priority.

Extra information for nerds

Strictly speaking, package priority determines the order in which packages are built.

The lowest-priority packages are built first and the highest-priority packages are built last, overriding any of the lower-priority files in the event of a conflict that can't be merged.

Package Preview

When you select a package in Aemulus, its preview will appear to the right of the grid.

If you want more information about a package, click its link in the grid to be taken to the GameBanana or GitHub page for the mod.

GameBanana Browser

Aemulus has built-in integration with GameBanana, the site where the Persona modding community hosts most of its creations.

You can browse, download, and install Persona mods without ever leaving Aemulus using the Download Packages tab at the top of the window.


The box at the bottom of the Aemulus window is the console. It prints out what Aemulus is working on at any given moment, as well as any warnings or errors you should be aware of.

The console output of your last run is saved to AemulusLog.txt in your AemulusPackageManager folder.

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